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What we do?

pie-chart 1.pngProjects

From conception to delivery, we work in all project development and management stages.

code 1.pngConsulting

We guide what needs to be done for the company growth. Software development, business opportunities, partners connections and technology updates.

terminal 1.pngFullstack development

With React.js, Next.js, Node.js and Python, we create scripts, automations, data processing, AI or simply a spreadsheet. Whatever it takes to build an amazing solution!

codepen 1.pngHosting

We have our own cloud and databases. We make it available for FREE during application development. Additionally, we also have hosting plans for production environment ;)

figma 1.pngUX/UI Design

We create the entire project prototyping and bring the idea out of the paper! We validate the entire project to ensure it is a good solution for your business :D


How we do


We are going to understand the business model, the goals, the problems and also the opportunities we can bring to you.

Design / Concept

This is where we define strategies and solutions which are going to be delivered as a navigable prototype, just as the final product."


It's time to get the hands dirty. We are going to start the development process and have weekly or bi-weekly meetings to present the evolution of the final product.


It's time to celebrate because delivery has arrived. We will provide all the support to get the product up and running!


Business that trust us


Why Lupit?

Business focused

For every project, we like to understand how things work and what problems are added to the solution we are going to develop. With this in mind, we can bring many insights and deliver a solution that really works and generates value for the business.

Skin in the game

We like to be truly involved! We understand that putting ourselves in the shoes of the client will make us build a better product.


We aren't resting until we deliver the best possible experience in the application, whether on a website or on an app.

Continuous follow up

We guarantee (by contract) that we will provide continuous feedbacks and updates! So everything will be kept in the loop.


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